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    Greensboro Approves Short-Term Rental Ordinance

    The Greensboro, N.C., City Council passed an ordinance that lays out guidelines for short-term rentals. The ordinance is similar to other cities like Asheville and Wilmington but it includes an exception that could be challenged. Under the ordinance, the owners have to be living in the county or a nearby county or have someone easily reachable for guests. And if someone breaks rules, the owner is responsible. New short-term rentals would also have to be 750 feet apart. Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan says mandating rentals be 750 feet apart could be considered a cap, which has already been deemed illegal in the state after a challenge in Wilmington.

    Fox 8 News (WGHP) (05/23/23) Cassie Fambro

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