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    Hiring for Success

    Hiring successful people isn’t just happenstance. There is a method and a process to finding talent. Just as you have a plan to manage your operations, you need to have a plan to manage your recruitment. Standardizing your recruitment process improves your ability to hire the right people.

    When you create a standardized recruitment process it needs to be consistent, cost effective, easy to duplicate and sustainable. If you want people to follow a process, don’t over complicate it. Keep it simple. Here are some key things for you to consider as you create your process.

    Create/Review Job Descriptions
    If you are not creating a new job description, be sure to review the current job description before you post it to make sure that you accurately reflect the essential functions of the position. Job descriptions should include a general summary, essential functions, job requirements (education and experience) and physical requirements (complying with ADA regulations). Job descriptions define what employees do in their jobs.

    Identify Key Competencies for the Position
    Think about the key behaviors someone needs to have to be successful in the position. Competencies define how the employees do their jobs. For example, a key competency for a housekeeper might be “detail orientation” since a housekeeper needs to be accurate and methodical with following process and instruction.  What key competencies are required for your positions?

    Prepare Key Behavioral Interview Questions to Ask Applicants
    A great way to ensure a successful interview is to create standard behavioral interview questions based on key competencies identified for a position. Identifying what to listen for in the answer is equally as important as creating the question. Not all people are experienced interviewers. Don’t assume they know what questions to ask and what answers to listen for.

    Identify the Applicant Process 
    Before you post the position be sure you identify who will be involved in the process. Ask yourself questions like, “Who will pre-screen/phone screen applicants? Who will be involved with in-person interviews? How many interviews will there be? Who will make the final decision?” Knowing the answers to these questions will help you plan time for the different parts of the recruitment activity. It also is valuable to understand the timeline so that you can communicate it to prospective candidates.

    Taking time to create a standardized recruitment plan is the first step to hiring successful people. Hiring is hard work. Like anything else, the more you put into it the greater the outcome. Hire hard, manage easy.

    For more information on hiring for success, register for Sue Jones's upcoming webinar, "Hiring for Success – Interviewing with Confidence" here.

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    Waht is the secret to success?

    June 15, 2017 01:31 AM by Norma Caruso

    Hiring successful people - responsible mission, as all employers want to have in their team smart people, who will augment incomes and with whose help, they will be able to bring company to a new level. This article was quite useful for me, because next week I will hire new people for my Professional Homework Help Company.

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