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    How Expedia Is Thinking About Growth in Vacation Rentals

    During the recent Short Stay Summit, PhocusWire spoke to Tim Rosolio, vice president for vacation rental partner success at Expedia Group, about inventory pressure, technology gaps, and the "next norm" for the short-term rental industry. "We're seeing the best supply acquisition growth we have ever seen in the history of the company," said Rosolio. "I think the reason why is we had such a drastic and exciting peak of demand that occurred over the past two years. People wanted space and still wanted to travel, and there were more and more people that understood there was this opportunity to own a second home. Even though we have returned to some more pre-pandemic levels of demand, the narrative surrounding supply is still being fueled." To read the rest of the interview, click here.

    PhocusWire (05/17/23) Linda Fox

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