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    Josh Sundquist on Persistence

    The VRMA International Conference, held this year October 23-26 in Las Vegas, is the biggest and most comprehensive event in the vacation rental space. It’s a one-stop shop for industry education and networking, including enlightening keynote speakers.

    On Monday, October 24, Josh Sundquist—a motivational speaker, comedian, and Paralympian—will deliver the opening general session keynote, “One More Thing, One More Time (1MT1MT).”

    We caught up with Sundquist to learn more about him and his presentation.

    Can you explain what the title of your keynote means?

    Josh Sundquist Headshot.jpg

    Josh Sundquist: This was my motto when I was training for the Paralympics. It means doing one more thing than you feel like doing, one more thing than what might be considered average, one more thing than your competition is willing to do.

    How did you come up with 1MT1MT, and why does it work?

    Josh Sundquist: It was actually a motto I read about in a book about skiing, and I adopted it for my own training. Once I started sharing it in my speeches, I discovered that people felt like it applied to all kinds of personal and professional endeavors, not just ski racing. It works because it’s really a motto about persistence, which is the foundational character trait you need to reach basically any goal.

    How did you get into motivational speaking?

    Josh Sundquist: I started as a speaker when I was a child doing fundraising speeches for the children’s hospital where I was treated for cancer. I basically just kept giving speeches, and when I grew up, it became my job.

    How did you develop your ability to be resilient during times of change, and what advice do you have for others looking to do the same?

    Josh Sundquist: No one likes change, particularly when it’s forced upon you by circumstances outside your control. We want things to stay the same. It’s normal to feel that way. But change itself is also normal. It’s a part of life. So when change is required, the most rational thing, in my opinion, is to accept that and start figuring out how to thrive in the new reality.

    You have your hands in many pots—you’re a writer, influencer, producer, and athlete, among other things—how do you manage to stay motivated?

    Josh Sundquist: I just look for projects and opportunities that excite me. Things I feel natural passion for. If you’re excited about the stuff you’re working on, motivation flows intrinsically.

    What are some of the other main themes you will discuss during your speech?

    Josh Sundquist: I like to tell funny stories, both because, you know, they’re funny, and also as examples of how to diffuse stress or awkwardness with humor. 

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