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    Ketchum, Idaho, Tries to Get Short-Term Rentals in Compliance With New Ordinance

    Ketchum, Idaho, approved an ordinance in January requiring short-term rental owners to acquire a special operational permit, but the city thinks only about half of rentals operating have registered since applications went live in June. Ketchum authorized the new permits as a way to better understand how the rentals are impacting the city and certain neighborhoods, and also to ensure they comply with fire and safety standards and are remitting local option tax revenue. So far, 304 short-term rentals have registered in Ketchum, and paid the $527 application fee, while the city believes 617 rentals exist. "If they are not registered by the end of September, then we will start to physically issue notices at each location and impose penalties," said city administrator Jade Riley. Penalties could include a maximum daily fine of $100, while Riley said five permit applications have been turned down. Ketchum explained that the application fee is assessed to cover the cost of third-party data software and the staff time required to process the rental applications and initial fire and safety inspections. According to Riley, city council members want to see how the program is working in its first year before making revisions.

    Boise State Public Radio (08/30/22) Rachel Cohen

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