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    Member Spotlight: Progress Over Perfection

    VRMA's Member Spotlight series continues to recognize active members in the VRMA community. This week, read a Q&A with Dru Brown, Co-founder, Island Time Hilton Head. Brown shares why he joined VRMA, how VRMA’s benefits and opportunities have impacted his career, advice he would give to others in the industry and more.

    Why did you join VRMA?

    For education and networking purposes. I wanted to expand my career footprint and felt the knowledge of all the industry professionals that are members would be great to learn and absorb to bring back into my career and work life.

    What is your favorite VRMA member benefit?

    Advocacy. It is such a huge part of why I originally joined as well. [It allows members] to be able to have a voice for our valued industry through the good and bad times to promote the overall value of professional managers.

    How has VRMA impacted your career?

    Greatly. It helped me get more involved as an executive and I saw how I wanted to start my own company. In the time I have been involved with VRMA, I have seen both personal and professional growth directly related to what I have learned, who I have interacted with and the experiences involved.

    Would you recommend VRMA to others? If so, why?

    Certainly, it is a great opportunity to try and further your growth in our industry and to see what all is out there in the world of professionally managed vacation rentals.

    What advice do you/would you give to people new to the vacation rental industry?

    Progress over perfection. A lot of times in this industry you have to wear a ton of hats, so by understanding that your time is valuable to be able to get done what is needed for you, your business, your clients and guests is what will drive your success.

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