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    Mi Casa, Su Casa? Courts Continue to Uphold Local Regulation of Short-Term Rentals

    Municipalities continue to impose restrictions on short-term rentals as they maintain their popularity among travelers and profitability among property owners. The extra rules have prompted a number of legal challenges, with courts consistently favoring these regulations. In 2019, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled to ban short-term rentals in areas zoned single-family residential or single housekeeping unit, even if the zoning ordinance does not expressly bar such businesses. Earlier this month, the Third Circuit likewise upheld an ordinance curbing the ability of property owners and leaseholders to run short-term rentals. This and similar rulings reflect a national trend. Analogous local laws have been supported by courts in California, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, and Virginia since 2019.

    JDSupra (08/29/22)

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