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    Neighborhood Group Sues to Overturn Lakeshore Township’s Short-Term Rental Ban

    A group of more than 100 residents is suing Park Township, Michigan, for its newly enacted ban on short-term rentals in residential areas of the lakeshore community. Jeremy Allen, president of Park Township Neighbors, filed a civil lawsuit on behalf of the group in Ottawa County Circuit Court, seeking a reversal of the township’s ban on short-term rentals that took effect Oct. 1. Homeowners are now prohibited from renting out their property in residential areas for periods of less than 28 days as the township enforces an existing ordinance. The Park Township board of trustees voted in November 2022 to start enforcing a 1974 ordinance that neither specifically addresses, defines, nor authorizes short-term rentals. The board concluded that the ordinance makes short-term rentals illegal by default.

    Crain's Grand Rapids Business (Michigan) (09/06/23) Rachel Watson

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