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    Now Is the Time to Invest in Rental Properties, Say Experts

    Experts say the time is ripe to invest in rental properties, with demand for long-term properties and vacation rentals surging despite rising interest rates. Moreover, a slight drop in real estate prices and decelerating sales are making it easier for aspiring landlords to buy rentals. "It's still a great time to be investing in the right locations," said Norada Real Estate Investments CEO Marco Santarelli, whose company helps investors find, buy, and manage rental properties. "The fundamentals for rental property are strong — we have a lot of tailwind as investors." According to Santarelli, "80 percent of the investors we work with buy single-family homes and duplexes as rental properties." He also points to "shadow demand" in the rental market, adding, "We currently have the highest percentage of young adults [18 to 29 years old], living with their parents in the past 120 years. And they want to move out and find homes to rent." The National Association of Realtors' Jessica Lautz cites rentals that are suitable for multigenerational families as hot.

    Investor's Business Daily (09/01/22) Kathleen Doler

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