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    Scottsdale Adopts Tighter Restrictions for Short-Term Rentals

    The city council of Scottsdale, Arizona, passed tighter short-term rental regulations requiring operators to "obtain and maintain a local license, conduct sex offender background checks on booking guests, carry liability insurance, and provide neighbor notification," according to a press release from Councilor Tammy Caputi's office. These requirements will go into effect later this month, and Caputi's office says they are compatible with state statutes. The council hopes the new regulations will improve the safety and livability of neighborhoods, permit law enforcement to respond to violations as they happen, and give neighbors some notice to help them deal with issues that may arise. The ordinance's safety provisions include requiring pool barriers, setting up working smoke alarms and a map showing exit/egress, and compliance with pest control, cleaning, trash and garbage mandates. Non-residential usage is also prohibited, and emergency contacts are required to respond at the request of public safety personnel. All Scottsdale short-term rentals must have a license to operate by Jan. 8.

    The Center Square (11/02/22) Tom Joyce

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