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    Scottsdale Finalizes Short-Term Rental Rules That Are More Lax Than Proposed

    The City Council of Scottsdale, Arizona, passed short-term rental restrictions that were lightly less stringent than those proposed last month. Under the policy coming into force on Thanksgiving Day, all short-term rental owners have until Jan. 8 to get their license from the city, which will give officials the ability to monitor the small businesses and position themselves to penalize non-compliant properties if needed. However, Scottsdale will only suspend a license if three separate property violations occur within a 12-month period, and those suspensions can only last a year at most. Meanwhile, staffers will almost never be able to reject an application unless the owner is a felon, failed to provide contact information, or did not pay the $250 licensing fee. Some changes give property owners an extra two weeks to obtain registration, and an additional six months to install safety fencing around pools. Property owners also are not required to provide proof of liability insurance during the application process because it was not technically allowed under the new state law, while the penalty for operating without a license has been downgraded from a Class 1 misdemeanor to a civil citation the second time a violation is reported. Although Scottsdale originally proposed that everyone staying on a property be background-checked no later than 24 hours after booking a reservation, the rule was changed to only require checks for guests who booked the rental any time prior to arrival.

    Arizona Republic (10/30/22) Sam Kmack

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