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    Short-Term Rental Work Group Settles on Bylaw Proposals for Nantucket

    The Nantucket, Massachusetts, Short-Term Rental Work Group has finalized its proposal for new regulations on short-term rentals (STRs) on the island, agreeing to put forward a series of bylaws for voters to consider at a special town meeting in November. The bylaws would limit STR operators to renting a single property, though they could rent multiple dwellings on the property as long as they are rented to the same party under the same contract. They would also block corporate ownership unless every shareholder or partner is a “natural person" and legalize STRs by right across the island. Additionally, the proposed regulations would block STRs in units that are deed restricted for affordable or attainable housing and limit STRs to a maximum of four weeks in apartments. In most cases, even if the bylaws are passed by voters, they won’t affect existing STRs as they would be considered grandfathered.

    Nantucket Current (06/29/23) JohnCarl McGrady

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