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    Short-Term Rentals Find an Ally in Build-for-Rent Developers

    An ease of renting over home-ownership is making developers of build-to-rent projects an ally to the short-term rental industry. “There is a lot of interest among investors for real estate meant for short-term rentals,” said Dustin Abney, CEO at Portoro, a property management company for premium vacation rentals. “And when they look to invest, they want purpose-built homes. There are cases where communities in South Florida have been re-zoned to have short-term rental protections.” Abney called this a win-win-win situation for renters, real estate investors, as well as developers: renters have more inventory to access, while developers build more such homes backed by investors who believe in this business model.

    Skift (04/10/23) Srividya Kalyanaraman

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