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    Tell Your Story

    From Arrival Issue 3, 2020

    At the tail end of 2019, a virus twenty times smaller than a human hair began its worldwide tour. The virus created commotion, confusion, heartache, unity and learning. As all of us have worked through the roller coaster ride of COVID-19, one thing remains true: People want to travel to destinations that allow for togetherness and physical distancing.

    Guests are anxious to stay in an environment where they can enjoy the vistas, smell the open air and at night, see the canopy of stars. In order for guests to enjoy all of these things, a cleaning staff must first do their work.

    The cleaning staff has an arsenal of products to remove dirt, grime, body oils, soap scum, bio unmentionables, bacteria and viruses. They judiciously and expertly move about the property using their tools, skills and knowledge to clean and reset the property for the anticipated arrival.

    As the guest opens the door, they expect the property to be clean, sanitized and disinfected. Many guests may think that cleaning happens effortlessly, but there is a lot of hard work and long nights (and days) that go into getting a property ready for newcomers. And the guest will never know unless we tell them.

    How do we tell them? Through a story, of course!

    If you do not tell your story, someone else will. And it will have a different storyline and a different ending than the one you want. Do you want your competitors, hoteliers or OTAs telling your story? They do not know about how you have worked tirelessly to create a safe environment for the guest check-in.

    As you begin to craft your story, consider the following:

    • Be intentional. Have a beginning, middle and end.
    • Tell it from the guest perspective. What would they want to know, see, hear or understand?
    • Keep it simple. Do not over complicate what or how you are telling it. People can easily become distracted.
    • Be active, not passive. A passive story is a boring story.

    The digital devices we carry in our pockets or bags are wonderful tools to document the story that is taking place. Think about the social collateral that could happen as you share an experience where a staff member took a second blender to a property so the socializing could continue.

    If you’re in need of some inspiration as you begin think about what and how you want to share your story, you’re not alone. Twiddy and Village Realty have great written examples on their websites you can reference, while Newman-Dailey Resort Properties utilizes video to share their message. Keep in mind, each shares their story using the personality of their company.

    So, how will you tell your story?

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