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    Why Your Rental Investments Should Track Migration Patterns

    In an article for Forbes, Orion Haus CEO Cindy Diffenderfer offered three considerations that short-term rental investors should weigh with regard to migration patterns. With the normalization of remote work from anywhere, more short-term rental customers want to combine their newfound flexibility with a scenic locale. "A tenant needs the most reliable and high-speed infrastructure in place," Diffenderfer writes. "This means even if you're looking at investment properties known for their proximity to outdoor adventures or for their peaceful and quiet location, if the Internet access isn't reliable, it will be far less appealing to those seeking to blend work and fun in a new location." Short-term rental investors should also strive to customize and adapt their properties to expanding market sectors and visitor trends. The third insight Diffenderfer mentions is for investors to know when to leave a short-term rental market. "Because a short-term property isn't locked into a long-term lease, you can more quickly respond to changing market conditions by selling the home to an investor looking for an income property or to an owner looking for a primary home," she noted.

    Forbes (08/03/22) Cindy Diffenderfer

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