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    Advocacy Spotlight: Lincoln County, Oregon

    In Lincoln County, Oregon, a group of vacation rental managers are trying to help create rules that will address community concerns while pushing back against bad suggestions that would drive up the cost to local taxpayers and force the industry underground.

    After creating a statewide coalition called VIA Oregon, the leadership at Sweet Home Vacation Rentals have worked diligently to grow and unify other managers across the state.

    On Wednesday, April 7, VIA Oregon turned out over thirty speakers for a public hearing for the Lincoln County Commissioners. With more the two times the number of opponents, and a lot of community members concerned about the unnecessary negative impact to local taxpayers, the VIA Oregon leadership felt their concerns were heard.

    Sweet Homes Vacation Rentals, and VIA Oregon founder, Jamie Michel called on commissioners to form a working group to discuss the concerns of all area citizens to better understand the data of the industry and identify effective solutions.

    In the coming weeks, the Lincoln County Commissioners are expected to begin deliberations with staff and discuss various opportunities. 

    VIA Oregon attributes much of the success to their organization, strategy, and message to the VRMA coalition-building effort, and encourages the creation of working groups with local governments that have impacted stakeholders at the table.

    VRMA is committed to advocating for the vacation rental industryLearn more about our advocacy efforts, and how you can get involved.

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