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    Airbnb Launches Platform Allowing Renters to Host Apartments, Partnering with Major Landlords

    Airbnb has teamed up with major landlords and management firms to list designated apartment buildings where renters can offer short-term sublets onsite. The company announced a new page on its website for listing 175 Airbnb-friendly buildings in more than 25 major markets. Airbnb will help tenants host their rentals, and also help the buildings draw tenants who may want to host. Airbnb co-founder Nathan Blecharczyk said the amount hosts could earn “depends on the building, depends on the location, there are a lot of different assumptions.” The new Airbnb web page will also provide a calculator to show how much money tenants can potentially earn per month. All hosts in the participating buildings must be primary residents, and the buildings can cap how many nights per month the apartment can be sublet, which generally run between 80 and 120 nights per year. The restrictions are designed to prevent investors from participating and subletting the apartments full-time. The apartment building owner or management company also is entitled to review the listings before they go live and terminate listings if they fail to comply with the building's standards, as well as mandate a government ID from all potential subletters.

    CNBC (11/30/22) Diana Olick

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