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    Airbnb Sues New York City Over Limits on Short-Term Rentals

    Airbnb has filed suit against New York City to undo new restrictions that limit short-term rentals. A new law, passed in 2021, requires hosts to register with the city. Short-term rentals have largely been barred if hosts are not present, according to state law, though the city and Airbnb have disagreed about how expansive such prohibitions and other complicated city codes should be. The city said it would start enforcing the law in July. Airbnb in its lawsuit called the new scheme “extreme and oppressive” and said it clashes with a federal law that has shielded many tech platforms from liability for content posted by its users. Three Airbnb hosts also filed lawsuits, arguing that the rules were so complicated that nearly all hosts, even those who intended to be present when guests were around, would be unable to use the platform.

    New York Times (06/02/23)

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