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    AirDNA MarketMinder Releases Next-Level Rates Tool Update

    AirDNA's MarketMinder data and analytics dashboard has deployed a major update for short-term rental hosts to enhance their market research and upgrade their listing performance. The new rates tool is engineered to offer an even more customized experience, allowing users to gain a true understanding of property performance based on the type and price point of any rental. "MarketMinder subscribers are now able to drill down into the essence of listings and reach professional revenue management at the click of a button," said AirDNA Product Director Max Bernstein. The enhanced rates tool allows MarketMinder users to apply five additional filters to build more accurate business cases for their listings. Those filters include price tiers, real estate type, professionally managed, ratings, and number of bathrooms. Hosts can also access and export five years of historical average daily rate data to view the short-term rental market evolution over time, which will ultimately help hosts and investors to forecast occupancy trends, establish realistic goals, and make more accurate year-over-year business projections for their investments.

    Short Term Rentalz (08/17/22) Paul Stevens

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