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    Albuquerque to Consider Capping Vacation Rentals

    Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller says he wants to cap the number of vacation rentals in the city at 1,200 and, for the first time, regulate how many an individual owner can have. The changes would come via amendments to Albuquerque’s existing short-term rental ordinance, which went into effect in April 2021. There are 2,110 active rentals in the Albuquerque market, according to data from AirDNA, but that is likely hundreds more than would be subject to the proposed changes. About 13 percent are just private room rentals, which an AirDNA spokesperson noted are rarely included in citywide caps because the property owner is on-site, while others are located just outside the city government’s jurisdiction.

    Albuquerque Journal (02/05/23) Jessica Dyer

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