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    All Unauthorized Airbnb Listings in Quebec to Be Removed From App, Company Says

    After a fire ravaged a building in Old Montreal that included units available for rent on Airbnb, the company says it plans to remove all Quebec listings that have not been authorized by the provincial government. Airbnb spokesperson Mattie Zazueta said the company sent a letter to Quebec's tourism minister informing her of its plan to "remove existing listings" without a permit. Doing so could mean eliminating most of Quebec listings on the site. In Montreal, for example, more than 90 percent of short-term rental units listed on Airbnb are not authorized, according to an independent watchdog group, Inside Airbnb. Zazueta said that Airbnb will "provide the government of Quebec with the Airbnb city portal tool to support increased host compliance." She added, "These measures build on our years-long efforts to work with local and provincial officials on short-term rental rules that help address community concerns and also preserve a vital source of supplemental income for residents."

    CBC (Canada) (03/24/23) Antoni Nerestant

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