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    Auburn Council Member Seeks to Challenge Short-Term Rental Regulation

    Auburn, Alabama, Council member Steven Dixon is challenging the city's government over an ordinance limiting short-term rentals (STRs) all the way up to the state Supreme Court. He claimed that thanks to the ordinance's passage, "basically half the people in this town were allowed to short-term lease their property and the other half were banned." Dixon, who was renting out the basement of his home, is claiming impairment of contract; unlawful taking without just compensation; invasion of privacy; violation of Alabama Equal Protection Law; retroactive law; and invasion of privacy and Alabama Equal Protection law violation, among other allegations. "To me the ordinance is extremely discriminatory to families and property owners," he said. "To me there are a few different ways STRs are in Auburn. I live on site typically when I rent my place, unless I'm on vacation. I have basically a basement apartment that's about 500 square feet. I always followed the rules and was legally able to do this." Dixon further contends that property owners should be allowed to use their homes as they see fit, and the ban discriminates against them "while providing favorable treatment to those that lease their properties on a long-term basis."

    Alabama Political Reporter (08/26/22) Jacob Holmes

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