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    Bangor Is Getting Closer to Cementing Rules for Unregulated STRs

    Bangor, Maine, city councilors reviewed the latest version of the city’s proposed rules for short-term rentals (STRS) on September 18, nearly two months after city staff first proposed rules to the public. City staff then adjusted the first draft of the ordinance based on the public’s questions and concerns. Bangor does not yet have a policy on STRs, which means they aren’t allowed anywhere in the city. Despite this, city staff found 129 short-term rentals in Bangor, 52 of which are non-hosted, 28 are hosted, and 49 are unknown. While the number of rentals hasn’t yet become problematic or influenced the area’s housing market, Bangor wants to get ahead of potential problems other Maine tourist destinations have faced in recent years, Anne Krieg, Bangor’s economic development director, said. In its proposed rules, the city defines an STR as renting up to two bedrooms or an entire dwelling unit, such as an apartment, for fewer than 28 days. The latest version of the proposed rules also differentiates between hosted and non-hosted short-term rentals, but allow both types anywhere in the city.

    Bangor Daily News (ME) (09/18/23) Kathleen O'Brien

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