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    Bozeman Votes to Ban Some Short-Term Rentals, Grandfathers Others

    The Bozeman, Montana, City Commission on Oct. 17 voted to increase restrictions on short-term rentals (STRs) listed on booking platforms. Commissioners approved a new ordinance that regulates STRs where the owner does not live onsite, termed “Type 3” by the city. According to the rules, Bozeman will no longer permit Type 3 rentals. However, commissioners opted to allow more than 100 of the Type 3 units that are already permitted to continue operating under a grandfather clause. The commission also voted to increase the yearly residency requirements for what it terms “Type 2” STRs, where the owner lives on-site but is not present during the rental period. That part of the ordinance increases residency requirements for owners of Type 2 short-term rentals from 50% of the year to 70%. The Type 2 rental category also now includes subtypes that specify whether the rental unit is physically attached to the owner’s home or is a separate unit on the same property. City staff will now review the proposed changes made during the meeting and present the ordinance for a final vote in November. Officials say they’ll continue to accept applications for Type 3 short-term rentals until Dec. 14.

    Montana Free Press (10/18/23) Matt Standal

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