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    Breezeway Launches Digital Welcome Book for Rental Providers

    Breezeway has announced the launch of Breezeway Guide, a fully-integrated digital welcome book for guests. The new resource harnesses the extensive data profiles Breezeway users build with their homes, plus customized entry and departure instructions, travel tips, house rules, safety instructions, and other helpful guidance. Guide boasts guest messaging, service requests, and property care coordination and is accessible to property managers and all types of hosts. “Our ultimate priority has always been to help managers elevate the experience at every property,” said Breezeway CEO Jeremy Gall. “Guide helps guests get the most from their rental experience and know what to expect even before they've arrived. Guide helps to set the scene, building peace of mind and excitement for guests before they arrive, and continuing to provide all necessary information on-demand throughout the stay, for a truly enhanced experience.”

    ShortTermRentalz (02/09/23) Paul Stevens

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