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    Building a Successful Proposal

    Have you attended a VRMA conference recently and wondered how to go about submitting a proposal to present? Do you have a proposal ready, but you're not sure if it'll be a successful topic? You've come to the right place. Read on to find out what makes a successful proposal and how you can get better involved at an upcoming VRMA conference. 

    Q: Who is my target audience?
    The Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA) membership consists largely of professional vacation rental managers and vendor/supplier members. Proposals for the National Conference should focus on providing education to vacation rental executives (mid-level to owner or general managers), operations staff and marketing professionals. Attendees come to this conference to gain insight on business strategy, stay abreast of new trends in the industry, and to network and learn from peers.

    Q: I would like to present at the VRMA National Conference, but I’m not sure if my topic applies.
    The 'Call for Presentations' is specifically looking for topics that are relevant to vacation rental professionals. If your presentation is educational and offers clear takeaways for industry professionals, then we encourage you to submit a proposal to the Call for Presentations.

    Q: How can I increase my chances of being selected to present?
    We can only fully evaluate your proposal when we have received all necessary details. Please provide detailed information in your session proposal and refrain from providing a few vague bullet points. Please explain what attendees will walk away with when they come to your session. Furthermore, if you have presented in the past, it is highly recommended that you submit an updated, if not entirely new, presentation proposal.

    Q: Who are you searching for in a speaker? What are you searching for in a presentation?
    We are looking for presenters who will put our audience first to make our conferences more interesting and valuable for our audience. Some essential principles VRMA wishes to align with are:

    • Put the audience first — Our primary goal in programming is to make sure our attendees get the maximum possible value from the time and resources they spend to attend the event. We’re also happy when our speakers and their companies get valuable exposure, leads or even business as a result of their participation. We want to be upfront about our prime directive for speaking content, however.
    • Active involvement — Involve and engage your participants! Speakers may accomplish this by allowing audiences the chance to share and contribute what the content means to them and their work. We expect from our speakers that they facilitate learning experiences. You can do this by leveraging content to serve as a catalyst where your audience co-creates knowledge, solutions and new ideas. The result will be a higher level of learning and comprehension with increased long-term benefits.
    • Peer inspiration — We want to give our meeting participants the chance to learn directly from vacation rental owners and managers and other peers in the industry. We would like our audience to feel inspired by their peers and implement newly learned knowledge or skills as soon as they return to their daily activities.

    Q: Am I the right fit?
    Potential speaker could include:

    • Vacation rental owners and managers who share proven best practices and personal experiences.
    • Subject matter experts who share specific knowledge and expertise in their business.
    • Vacation rental professionals or supplier/vendors who share industry research, stories, or customer case studies.

    We are looking for presenters who think outside the box and brainstorm to make the most of the experience. We crave those who come with completely new ideas; can provide multiple session proposals; offer new ways to approach group learning; and present creative ideas in addition to a superb educational session experience delivery. Most speakers stay for the whole conference, soaking up the experience and connecting with the participants and other speakers. We are committed to working closely with you in order for you to excel and creating an experience that’s fulfilling and beneficial for all.

    Q: For what session formats are you accepting proposals?
    We are currently accepting proposals for:

    • Education Hub sessions (20 minutes in length)
      • Education Hub sessions are fast-paced mini-talks that cover a trending topic, interesting story, personal case study or other creative ideas.
    • Educational breakout/concurrent sessions (60 and 90-minute session slots available) focused around following industry areas:
      • Finance and Legal Operations
      • Business Strategy
      • Human Resources
      • Marketing
      • Property Services
      • Sales
      • Guest Relations
      • Technology
    • Panel Breakout sessions (60 Minutes)
      • This is an opportunity to build a discussion-based session featuring a variety of professionals who can share differing perspectives.
      • Presenter expertise and experience are heavily considered during the review process. All final presenters and panelists must be listed in the session proposal at the time of submission.
    • General session (60 Minutes)
      • If you have would like to share an inspirational story, key market research, or an important message on the main stage to the attendees of the 2017 VRMA National Conference, submit your idea here!

    Q: I am interested in participating at the conference but would prefer to join a panel.
    If you don’t wish to lead a breakout session, we still want to hear from you! Click here to fill out a short questionnaire and our staff will follow up with information on becoming a panelist.

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