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    Changes to Regulations for Short-Term Rentals Sent to Full Fayetteville City Council

    A Fayetteville, Arkansas, City Council committee agreed to partly revise the city's short-term rentals ordinance. The only modification the full council will consider during its meeting will be to extend a sunset provision in the ordinance from Dec. 20, 2022, to Dec. 31, 2023, with an emergency clause so the extension will take immediate effect. The city classifies short-term rentals as Type I or II, with Type I rentals having a full-time occupant on the premises with a room rented out while Type II rentals have guests most of the year without a full-time occupant. Short-term rental owners must obtain a business license and building safety inspection to operate, and Type II rental owners must also get a conditional use permit from the Planning Commission. One proposed alteration would require only Type II owners whose properties are located within a residential zone to get a conditional use permit, while those with properties in nonresidential or mixed-use zones would not need it. Meanwhile, business license fees would start at $50 and cost $50 to renew each year, whereas business licenses currently start at $35 and cost $15 to renew. The conditional use permit fee would also be elevated from $100 to $200. The committee also discussed ways to limit the number of rentals by a certain area such as neighborhood, census tract, or ward, but failed to reach consensus.

    Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (11/30/22) Stacy Ryburn

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