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    City of Vernon, Canada, Conducts Survey on New Short-Term Rentals Rules

    The City of Vernon, Canada, is conducting a survey on proposed regulations for short-term rentals (STRs) that would establish two new categories of business licensing. An STR Minor License would permit an operator in any residential area of the city to use part of their principal residence as an STR unit, as long as a responsible person lives on-site throughout the rental. The STR Major License, meanwhile, would allow an operator in the Hillside Residential and Agricultural District or the Waterfront Neighborhood Plan Area to rent out a portion of, or all of, their property, whether a principal or secondary residence. This license would require that a responsible person is on hand 24/7, although they do not need to live on-site. The survey will close on July 31.

    Vernon Morning Star (07/20/22)

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