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    Colorado Mountain Town Homeowners Fight Back Against Short-Term Rental Restrictions

    Property owners are fighting back in Colorado mountain communities after two years of local leaders vying to ease a shortage of worker housing by imposing new caps, regulations, and taxes on short-term rentals. “We are asking some pretty basic questions," said Julia Koster, the head of the Summit Alliance of Vacation Rentals in Summit County, one of a growing number of high country property owner coalitions uniting to contest strict regulations on short-term rentals. "Show us the data that supports the claim that it will help. How can you prove to us that these regulations are making some sort of impact on the goal you set? Are we opening more long-term rentals for locals?” The group is suing county commissioners over new regulations on short-term rentals that are set to go into effect next month. In Pagosa Springs, owners sued and overturned new laws. In Salida they are pleading with local leaders to lower a new $15 per-bedroom nightly tax, and in Breckenridge they are gathering money for a legal battle.

    Colorado Sun (09/05/23) Jason Blevins

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