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    Court Upholds Jersey City Ordinance Aimed at Short-Term Rentals

    A federal appeals court upheld a Jersey City, New Jersey, ordinance to rein in short-term rentals, which stops short of an outright ban. The ordinance tweaked an older measure that largely removed large-scale operations by restricting rentals mostly to owner-occupied properties. The ordinance also severely reduced the total duration of short-stay rents by non-owners to 60 days a year, and forbade short-term rental in buildings with more than four units. During debates over the ordinance, Airbnb said there were 3,100 listings on their platform in Jersey City in 2018, and that local residents generated $32 million by sharing their properties as part of the short-term rental community while welcoming 181,000 visitors to the city.

    TAPinto.net (09/01/22) Al Sullivan

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