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    Let’s talk about the increasing importance of Mobile traffic in the vacation rental managers space. I know, I know - you've been hearing talk about being "mobile-friendly" for years now, but that's not exactly what we’re talking about here.  


    Of course, it's still essential that your site works well for mobile visitors. The difference as of late is the fact that Google has now started implementing "mobile-first indexing". I realize this sounds technical, but all it means is that when deciding where to rank your site in the search listings, Google is now going to look at the mobile version of every page first, rather than their desktop counterparts.

    This alone should make it clear why you should be paying as much (if not more) attention to how mobile visitors are interacting with your site. There are many ways to improve upon mobile user experiences that are beyond the scope of this article, but here's one tip to get you started.

    Schema Markup

    I won't go into great detail here as there are many in-depth explanations that are a simple Google search away, but Schema Markup is essentially a bit of code you place on your website to tell Google the exact NAP (name, address, & phone number) you want them to have on file. This is vital if you want to rank in the Map Pack (those 3 results at the top of the search results page).

    As intelligent as the Google Algorithm is, we still have to remember that it isn't human, and therefore doesn't always find the right information on your site. By having Schema Markup in place, Google has a specific place to look for all pertinent contact information.  

    Also, since this is a relatively new practice you may be able to jump ahead of competitors in the local results who have yet to implement the code. Because the search results positions five & higher rarely get clicked on mobile devices, this can dramatically increase the traffic to your site - more so than on desktop.

    Where do I get Schema Markup? Google “Schema Markup Generator for Local Business” and you can find one that will automatically create the code for you. Just put it in the footer of your website and you’re all set.

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