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    Elevator Improvements in NC Vacation Rentals Go to Governor

    The North Carolina House passed safety improvement mandates to prevent injury or death from elevators inside vacation cottages and short-term rentals in the state and is sending the legislation to Gov. Roy Cooper for final approval. "Weston's Law" was spurred by the 2021 death of a seven-year-old Ohio boy who was trapped between the elevator car and shaft at a rental home on the northern Outer Banks. Under the bill, the gap between landing and car doors for elevators at such rentals must be no more than 4 inches (10.2 centimeters), which can be achieved by installing a space guard on the landing door. Weston's Law also sets minimum force requirements on elevator car doors and gates, and the property owner must register the improvements with the state Insurance Department. The elevator cannot be turned on without the improvements, and the bill also would order the state building code to require such safety measures in new short-term rental construction.

    Associated Press (06/29/22)

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