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    Expedia Group and Vacasa Are Making These Short-Term Rental Tech Investments

    Expedia Group and Vacasa are moving forward with technology investments to compete with other major players in the short-term rental industry. For example, Expedia Group is currently migrating Vrbo’s back-end technology onto the Expedia brand platform. “By being on one stack, it enables us to build things faster,” said Tim Rosolio, vice president of vacation rental partner success at Expedia Group. Expedia is experimenting with generative AI as well, having released a chatbot recently to gather more data and the company is working to strengthen its use of the technology. Meanwhile, Vacasa released its HomeCare product so homeowners can view more information about how the company is caring for their homes. It includes data points like inspection reports and photos after cleaning jobs. The company plans to continue investment along these lines. “We’ve seen terrific results from this, great engagement from it," said Rob Greyber, CEO of Vacasa. "And we’ll continue to invest behind this and other initiatives that we think make the experience of vacation rentals better for our homeowners, better for our guests, and better for our teams in the field.”

    Skift (06/08/23) Justin Dawes

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