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    Five Keys to a Five-Star Short-Term Rental Listing

    Justin Miller, the co-founder of smarter hosting technology platform Showplace, has five suggestions for how hosts and property owners can gain a five-star listing for their short-term rentals. The first recommendation is to select the right photos for showcasing the property. "We have found that hosts should carefully optimize the first four photos," Miller noted. "Listing photos should be high-quality and accurately represent the condition and layout of the property." A theme that highlights the rental's unique customer experience should also be emphasized, while Miller advised hosts and owners to ensure that the experience matches the listing. "It is only when guests are caught off guard that a property's uniqueness could lead to a negative review," he explained. Miller's fourth tip is to regularly refresh the property's amenities like Wi-Fi and essentials like towels, sheets, and pillows. His final recommendation is to provide even the smallest of amenities for guests, like handwritten notes and professionally presented towels and linens.

    Short Term Rentalz (07/13/22) Paul Stevens

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