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    Florence, Italy, Seeks to Ban Rentals from City Center

    Florence wants to ban residential properties in its historic center from being used for short-term rentals in order to free up more homes for local people in the Italian city, according to Mayor Dario Nardella. The mayor said his city would pursue new rules at a local level because he regarded draft nationwide plans to regulate the sector as disappointing. The Italian government is working on a bill, which according to local reports, would require each residential property rented to tourists to have a national identification code to help track and regulate lettings. Those failing to comply would risk a penalty of up to €5,000. Additionally, authorities in the most touristy cities would have the right to impose a minimum stay of two nights in the context of short rentals in their city centers.

    Reuters (06/01/23) Federica Urso; Federico Maccioni

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