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    Florida Bill Targeting Short-Term Vacation Rental Rules Advances but Hears Criticism

    VRMA Staff is currently engaged with this issue and is monitoring these bills

    A pair of bills being considered by Florida lawmakers would restrict how cities can regulate short-term rentals. Supporters say the measures would actually help cities regulate short-term rentals without over-regulating them. Additionally, under the language of the bills, local governments could still apply certain restrictions to short-term rentals as long as they are also applied to single-family homes that are not vacation rentals. “The spirit of this bill is really to give local governments some more tools in their toolbox,” said Sen. Nick DeCeglie (R-Pinellas County), who sponsored the Senate version of the measure. “Local governments will tell us they want full control, and that is extremely problematic.”

    ABC Action News (FL) (04/13/23) Chad Mills

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