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    Getting Social

    Knowing what social media will look like for your vacation rental management company will help your vacation rental properties connect on a deeper level with customers. To better understand social media trends, VRMA has put together the following list based on numerous industry blogs and our own insights.

    Video Marketing

    We saw a surge in video marketing in 2016, and we expect that to grow in 2017. Right now, video is an incredible way to easily reach customers. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Live can help show your property through real-time videos. This tool makes your users feel like they are a part of the action.


    Chat with your customers. Delight them by using social media support. Customers turn to Facebook to rant about an experience they had — responding allows them to feel heard and their statement validated. Make it easier to answer your customer’s questions by setting up Twitter’s native customer service features, Facebook page messages or Slack. You will be ahead of the game with these communication tools!


    Storytelling is an important tool to engage your customers in 2017. Your social media posts should go beyond selling your property, and should show the big picture and overall benefits of your property. This is how you create online discussions and avoid the dreaded one-way conversations. 

    Quality vs. Quantity

    Platforms like Instagram, where users typically post once a day, are on the rise. Customers like to see content that has more substance but is not overwhelming. It is shown that when customers see information paired with an enticing image, they will retain 65 percent of that information three days later compared to only 10 percent of information when an image is not included. (Source: Brain Rules)

    It is important for your property to reflect on the past year and all the changes to the social media and vacation rental environments. There will be plenty of changes ahead, but it is helpful to know what has worked and what hasn’t so you are able to make the necessary changes moving forward.

    Social Media Need-to-Know for 2017

    • By 2017, online video will account for 74 percent of all web traffic. (Source: HubSpot)
    • Go live with Facebook and Twitter — Live video performs 3x better than embedded video.
    • Hit your customers when and how you want!
    • 62 percent of millennials are more loyal to companies that engage with them via social media. (Source: Webio)
    • 75 percent of customers have made a purchase because they saw it on social media. (Source: Sprout Social)
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