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    Greater Price Transparency in Short-Term Rentals Will Catch Fire

    Airbnb's move to provide more price transparency throughout the world outside Europe will ripple across the short-term rental industry, writes Skift Executive Editor Dennis Schaal. The platform will show a stay's upfront total price before taxes, which will pressure hosts and property managers to reduce or get rid of cleaning fees and cut their overall pricing to stay competitive. “We've done research in this area and know guests expect fees when booking vacation rentals; however, they expect them to be transparent and reasonable,” explained Tim Rosolio with Vrbo owner Expedia Group. “This is why we allow travelers to filter by total price, so they know the cost of the entire booking before checking out. In addition to displaying the total price, we provide guidelines and coaching for our hosts setting fees, so they can optimize their listing performance.” Airbnb is also working with hosts on pricing, and launching tools to help hosts price their properties more competitively. “Overall, this change will lead to an increase in total bookings for Airbnb, as it will create fewer surprises and upset customers during the booking process,” said Hostfully President David Jacoby. “There will be no more punch in the gut for the guest when they are excited and ready to book.”

    Skift (01/10/23) Dennis Schaal

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