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    Group of Clark County Short-Term Rental Owners Say Their Property Rights Are Being Overly Regulated

    The Greater Las Vegas Short-Term Rental Association has legally challenged Clark County, Nevada's short-term rental regulations, calling them excessive. “Our position is that both the state law and the Clark County ordinance just goes too far where it's actually violating people's constitutional rights and freedoms,” said group founder Jackie Flores. She argued that the ordinance makes it difficult for rental owners to obtain a license, and once a license is secured, hosts can commit infractions for minimal oversights. “They have a provision in the ordinance that says any Count Official can come to your private home at any time whenever they feel like it and for whatever they want and you have to let them in your property — you have to let them in your house and we felt like that was like you're going way too far,” Flores said. She added that Clark County was the only municipality in Las Vegas Valley that failed to offer a compliance period. A six-month application period is open until March 1 to enter the lottery to get a permit, and Flores reckons that 80 percent of more than 12,000 illegal short-term rentals will not be able to acquire a license. An injunction hearing was scheduled, but pushed back to Dec. 19.

    Fox5Vegas (11/18/2022) Lauren Martinez

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