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    How Tech Is Helping Vacation Rentals Prevent Disturbances

    Technology for noise control can play an important role in allowing responsible short-term rental (STR) owners to operate in locations considering tighter restrictions. Alexa Nota, co-founder and COO of Rent Responsibly, recommends that hosts use noise monitoring and exterior cameras. You can do a great job vetting your guests and communicating with them ahead of a stay, but that extra layer of technology at the property helps you catch things early,” such as too many cars or trash left outside improperly, she says. Jim Netska, director of sales at smart home tech specialist PointCentral, says, "Noise monitors are a good preventative measure just by being there. Since guests must be told if noise monitors are in a rental, this normally makes them more considerate and conscientious of their immediate environment.” Gareth Rhodes, co-founder and COO of Alertify, owned a rental company for many years before deciding to develop hardware to measure noise, smoking, and occupancy. “There’s a lot of finger-pointing between residents who are very much against the STRs, and they’ll point their fingers whenever there’s a problem or if smoke was detected or if there was a loud noise, so it’s very difficult to prove that it wasn’t your guest,” Rhodes says.

    PhocusWire (03/02/23) Kathryn Walson

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