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    Implementing Sustainability into the Hospitality Industry

    VTrips CEO Steve Milo writes that Japan's hospitality industry is a model of sustainability that other vacation rentals can aspire to. "The constant strive for perfection is reflected in environmentally friendly enterprises and a drive to innovate the guest experience," he explains. Among the practices that Japanese rental companies implement and that Milo recommends are water conservation, sustainable packaging, and efficient appliances. "Another way to cut costs and negative effects is by reimagining the way amenities are distributed to guests and cutting single-use plastics wherever possible," he notes. Milo opines that companies should strive to maintain high standards while being environmentally friendly and supporting a more sustainable environment over the next five to 10 years. "Leaders in the property rental sector can continue to work diligently and assess how to go above and beyond the recycled water and natural gas pipelines to maximize environmental efficiencies as much as possible," he writes.

    Forbes (09/29/22) Steve Milo

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