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    In STR Dispute in Tennessee Mountain Town, Neighbors Head to Court

    A disagreement over short-term rentals in the Lone Mountain Shores neighborhood in New Tazewell, Tenn., has landed in court and split the community in two. For more than two decades, Lone Mountain Shores has offered visitors access to Norris Lake and the Cumberland Gap through vacation rentals. The Lone Mountain Shores Owners Association board of directors is trying to end the practice in its neighborhood. It filed a lawsuit requesting a permanent injunction against two dozen residents in November 2022, alleging they had rented their homes in violation of the neighborhood's covenants. In March, the defendants filed their own lawsuit, alleging the covenants were not clear and the board could not suddenly prohibit vacation rentals after allowing them for years. A smaller group of residents filed an additional lawsuit suing the board members personally on allegations of civil conspiracy, including claims that board members defrauded homeowners by knowingly lying about their intentions to forbid short-term rentals.

    Knoxville News-Sentinel (TN) (08/10/23) Daniel Dassow

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