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    Investor Offers Insight Into How the Entertainment Industry and Others Affect the Airbnb Market

    Multiple entertainment-related industries have tapped Airbnb as an alternative source of revenue, with one example being venues available for rent like the mansion from "The Godfather" films. Hundreds of Airbnb investors are seeking to leverage massive amounts of traffic generated by the entertainment industry and other social media personalities; one top investor is Chris Choi, founder of a national Airbnb company that encompasses over 100 rental properties across seven cities and five states. He explains that such properties tend to be strong earners, because "they come with inherent marketing through the initial spark of their fame" from popular films, TV shows, or other forms of entertainment. "Some of the best case scenarios are when investors acquire a property for minimal costs, and find out it has some sort of inherent value via a movie, TV show, or something alike," Choi notes. He said his company is forecast to rack up $10 million in revenue by the end of this year. "These entertainment feats become effective marketing strategies, which ultimately contribute to the longevity and interest amongst Airbnb investors and renters alike," Choi concludes.

    Forbes (08/25/22) Josh Wilson

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