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    Kansas City Short-Term Rental Fight Continues in Front of Zoning Board

    The legal fight for short-term rentals in Kansas City, Missouri, continued in front of the city's Board of Zoning Adjustment on Sept. 12, as a group of property owners and hosts voiced their opposition to the city's process of approval. "Was there any rational basis to do this?" said Megan Duma, the group's short-term rental attorney. "What I've seen so far, it's completely arbitrary, completely capricious and it's just more about the policy of we don't want short term rentals. If you take those rights away you have to do so in accordance with law and that's all we're asking." The group Duma represents is asking the city to reverse their denials for a permit. The board pushed back making its decision to October.

    KSHB-TV 41 (09/12/23) Grant Stephens

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