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    Keeping Pace with Industry Growth Post-Pandemic

    I don’t need to remind you that the amount of change our industry—and the world—has seen over the past three years has been extraordinary. The pandemic forced everyone to shift priorities and ways of doing business, in some ways permanently. In 2022, while we’re no longer locked down and in the throes of a pandemic, other changes and challenges have emerged.

    The short-term rental industry is strong and growing, but now, more than ever, it’s important for professionals in our industry to stay on top of the trends so we can continue to thrive. Topics like how to attract and retain talent during the “Great Resignation,” what mergers and acquisitions mean for the industry, and how to keep up with tech advancements are of critical importance to all of us. 

    This year’s VRMA International Conference, held October 23-26 in Las Vegas, has those, and many other topics, covered. We’re expecting to welcome as many as 3,000 attendees, hold more than 60 sessions, and host 100+ suppliers in the exhibit hall, making our annual international event is a one-stop-shop for industry education and networking.

    You won’t keep pace with the growth of the short-term vacation rental industry by sitting on the sidelines. The opportunity is yours to gain by learning from the best at the year’s largest industry event.

    Session information will be available soon, and registration is now live on our website. I’ll see you there!

    —Miller Hawkins, VRMA President

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