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    La Quinta Residents to Settle Short Term Rental Debate in General Election

    Residents in La Quinta, California, will vote on a measure to permanently ban all short-term vacation rentals (STVR) in the city's residential neighborhoods in the general election. Tourist commercial districts and a few other sites would be excluded from the ban. New STVR permit issues, except for properties in exempt areas, are not allowed, and La Quinta Mayor Pro Tem Kathleen Fitzpatrick said "complaints have reduced considerably. The number of permits have dropped over 26 percent in just two years." Opponents of STVRs such as the Neighbors 4 Neighborhoods of La Quinta group challenge the city council's assertion that the ban has caused an economic decline. "Regardless of the outcome [of the vote], our city residents have to work together to go forward in the future," said Fitzpatrick. "This has been an extremely contentious issue and I'd hate to see it divide our neighbors."

    NBC Palm Springs (10/13/2022) Kamari Esquerra

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