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    Let's Push Things Forward

    By the time you’re reading this, VRMA has undergone some major changes: A new (ish) name, a new logo, and a new website with new features. We’re building toward launching our certificate program in the fall. We’re working on other programs and offerings that build on our recent accomplishments around advocacy and education, and our events. And we’ll continue to build; that’s our charge as an association — to listen to our members and hear what you need to succeed in your jobs and careers, and to turn that information into substantive, valuable offerings for you and your investment of time and money that you put into the association. From networking to education to advocacy, VRMA has been listening and has built this great organization over the past 32 years. And there’s a lot more to do. 

    Fill out our member needs assessment. The Membership Committee, the Marketing Committee, and the board will all read the results and use them as guidance moving forward. The board will be conducting another strategic planning session in Anaheim in May. The basic premise of that meeting is, “Where should VRMA be in three years?” So ask yourself that, and tell us what you think. Come to Amsterdam for the VRMA European Conference. If that’s too far, come to Savannah or Anaheim for the Eastern and Western Regionals. Talk to the volunteers, and talk to staff. Send emails. Call us. Call me directly. This is your association, and we need to be acting on behalf of our membership. 

    One of the biggest challenges is keeping up with this rapidly- shifting and always-moving industry. An association representing the interests of the vacation rental management industry doesn’t get to where it is without staying on top of these changes. And an association can’t keep up with the industry without the contributions of its subject matter experts: You, our VRMA members.

    Fortunately, associations like ours are not only founded by members like you, but are driven as well. Let’s keep going and advancing this great industry and association. This industry that offers families like mine (a wife and three sons) the opportunity to take a long weekend at Deep Creek Lake in McHenry, MD, and stay at a vacation rental managed by VRMA member Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations & Sales that made such an impression on my kids, that my oldest felt the need — five weeks after the trip — to make his own Christmas tree ornament commemorating the weekend. What the ornament (pictured) — titled “Deep Crec (sic) Lac (sic) Howse (sic)” — lacks in grammatical excellence, it more than makes up for in passion. The kid had an amazing time and can’t wait to go back. Seeing our members produce these types of moments first-hand is an amazing feeling. Let’s keep making these moments. Let’s push things forward.

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