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    Leverage National Travel and Tourism Week

    May 5-11, 2019 is National Travel and Tourism Week, an annual tradition for the travel community. This marks the 36th year for travel and tourism professionals across the United States to unite to celebrate the value travel holds for our economy, businesses and personal well-being. The international VRMA community can most certainly join in!

    National Travel and Tourism Week began in 1983 and has become bigger and better each year. Leverage this event using specially prepared resources from VRMA Advocacy, including templated Opinion-Editorials and Letters to the Editor. As a thought leader in VRM, your local news outlets will welcome your input.


    VRMA has prepared graphics for social media and other use and even offers a few sample social media posts such as:

    Professional #VacationRental managers create jobs! We work with #Realtors, #homebuilders, maintenance professionals, landscapers, housekeepers, and others to keep a residence safe and clean for our guests. #nttw19 @vrma

    - or -

    Insert your company's name/handle is proud in joining @VRMA and the vacation rental industry in saying "Vacation rentals matter!". #nttw19 #TravelMatters


    VRMA members – send a quick email to let us know how you are leveraging National Travel and Tourism Week to help promote your services.


    The U.S. Travel Association offers calendars, graphics, suggested social media and blog posts and more – all for you to personalize and use as you see fit. 

    Pull additional facts and figures from the U.S. Travel Association website to use in your communications. For example, “Direct spending on leisure travel by domestic and international travelers totaled $761.7 billion in 2018.”

    Themes for each day can guide your outreach:

    Sunday, May 5                   Travel Matters to our Economy

    Monday, May 6                 Travel Matters to New Experiences

    Tuesday, May 7                 Travel Matters to Our Jobs

    Wednesday, May 8           Travel Matters to Keeping America Connected

    Thursday, May 9               Travel Matters to Health

    Friday, May 10                   Travel Matters to Hometown Pride

    Saturday, May 11              Travel Matters to Families

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