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    Malibu Short-Term Rental Regulation Struck Down by State

    The California Coastal Commission has rejected the city of Malibu's proposed short-term rental rule, claiming it would hobble the market and shrink affordable lodging options for visitors. The regulation would require hosts to be present at all short-term single-family dwelling rentals within the city, meaning the home's owner or manager would have to be available on-site for the duration of any rental under 30 days. The commission argued that the mandate would put pressure on Malibu's lower-cost housing market and make lodgings less affordable for visitors. "Based on historic use patterns staff would note that the public is substantially less likely to stay at hosted [short-term rentals]," said the commission's Denise Venegas. "In this case, the proposed amendment would result in a loss of existing lower-cost overnight accommodations in the city." Venegas added that the ordinance would likely make multi-family housing more attractive, tightening the lower-cost housing market. Malibu Planning Director Richard Mollica said the city's goal through the ordinance was to avoid having people purchase houses exclusively for renting at rates far higher than hotels.

    Patch.com (08/24/22) Emily Rahhal

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