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    Minut Partners with Sykes Holiday Cottages to Protect 'Thousands'

    U.K. property monitoring company Minut has teamed with holiday rental agency Sykes Holiday Cottages in its push to promote sustainable short-term renting. Sykes presently hosts more than 22,500 holiday homes across the U.K., Ireland, and New Zealand, and homeowners can now use Minut to gain immediate insight into the safety and comfort of their properties. Minut features environmental monitoring that includes temperature and humidity tracking, allowing homeowners to spot any irregularities with heating and/or air conditioning and save on energy bills while ensuring guests' comfort. The service also monitors loud noises and alarms going off, helping owners keep their vacation homes safe, as well as secure them between bookings. Other amenities include integrations and automation to make guest communication more efficient. “We aim to support our owners in any way we can and throughout all stages of the holiday letting journey,” said Dominique Morelis, Sykes' Added Value & Estate Agent specialist. “When it comes to short-term rentals, safety, security, and sustainability are all really important, so it's great that this partnership will assist with all of this — helping our homeowners care for their properties, guests, and local communities.”

    Short Term Rentalz (12/02/22) Paul Stevens

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